Sivenkosi Kamalana


Sivenkosi Kamalana


19th January 1999


South Africa South Africa




Player Bio

How did you hear about FCV?

I was back in south Africa. I’ve always had aspirations to be a footballer in England and FCV popped up. It seemed like the perfect next chapter for me.

How would you compare training to back home?

The training is a lot more prepared, intense and more technical. All of that combined has helped to make me a better player and I feel it has made me a better player.

What do you think of the facilities here?

The facilities are good there is everything you need from the dining room, a garden for relaxing, a games room it is great. We always get to training on time and the 3G is fantastic with many semi-professional teams and professional teams using them.

What do you think of life at the house?

Although we come from very different places, we have learnt how to build relationships with each other helping us to cope with being away from our families. This also brings us closer when we play matches because we know how to communicate with each other.

What team do you support?

Manchester United

Orlando Pirates are My team in South Africa

Favourite Player

Diego Maradona

What is your favourite experience?

My First day was great I’ve enjoyed every day since then I just love turning up to training every day because I just want to keep improving.


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