Parsa Pouy Hamedani Pasandideh


Parsa Pouy Hamedani Pasandideh


30th March 2002


Iran Iran




Favourite Team: Bayern Munich

Favourite player: Manuel Neuer

How did you hear about FCV?

My Dad found FCV through his friends who had been talking with FCV. We sent some videos of me training and playing. It took me less than a month from hearing about FCV to joining the academy. The whole process was easy and clear.

How would you compare the coaching to back home?

The coaches have a lot more experience and knowledge. With Grant being a former pro, he knows what’s required to make it. It also allows us to improve more as he introduced me to a higher level of coaching Along with Ash. Here there is a goalkeeper coach so that has helped me massively as there was no goalkeeper coach at my club back home. The level of training and matches are so much higher. I improved more in one month than I would have in 3 months back home.

How do you find the facilities?

There’s a lot more facilities here compared to back home it’s wonderful. The pitches, the physio room and the changing rooms are all of a high standard.

How would you describe life at the house?

It’s a friendly environment. This helps massively to forget your away from home. Everyone here is friendly the staff, the students it’s a very positive atmosphere.

Favourite experience?

In my first competitive college game I kept a clean sheet. It was great feeling because I was able to show how I play, and it helped the team to get the win. What a felling.


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