Saleh Ahmad returns from international duty

Friday 28th April 2017

Short-course student Saleh Ahmad has arrived back at FCV Academy after representing Lebanon Under-23s and Under-20s in two international friendly matches.

Two goals and two wins from the two fixtures meant Ahmad was rightfully pleased with his performances whilst on international duty.

The fixtures were against Kuwait and Oman, in what was a new environment for him.

“It was an honour to go away and play for my country,” he explained, when asked how he felt to be returning to Stamford. “Two wins was a great start to my international experience — it was even better to score two goals.

“It wasn’t quite the standard that I’m used to here but the players were still good. It was good for my experience to encounter playing in a new environment like Asia, it has a very different atmosphere.

“It’s good now to be back with FCV. It’s a really positive atmosphere at the moment with the success the team is tasting. We’re really enjoying training, and the team is excited for the Cup Final we have coming up.”

The playmaker firmly believes he has made big strides in improving his game over the last few months, and they have come because of his access to top facilities and coaching, including one man in particular — Ian Sampson.

Ahmad is keen to continue his learning and continue to develop aspects of his game, ones that he’s well aware are in need of improvement.

“I need to get stronger,” he added. “I need to work on my strength and my aerial power. I’m hoping I can make the most of our access to Rhino’s Gym, it’s a brilliant facility.

“My strength isn’t too bad at the minute, but when we come up against Academy teams, sometimes I am quite behind their standard. I need to work so that I’m level with them.”

He departs FCV at the end of May, and whilst here, his goals are simple — doing whatever he can to try and impress the scouts, and he’s in the right place to learn how.

The first opportunity to do so comes in an in-house Showcase match, which will be played in-front of scouts from Manchester City, Southampton and a variety of others.