Performance levels please Brown

Thursday 9th November 2017

Grant Brown states positive strides are being made across the board at FCV Academy.

After kicking off the season at the beginning of September, the FCV boss insisted, that since then, he’s seen a marked upward turn in the displays out on the field — a trend he’s expectant will continue.

“The results haven’t reflected the performances,” he explained. “They’ve been very good, and there’s been an improvement in each game.

“With the U21’s there’s certainly been an improvement in performances, and we deserve better results than we’ve had.

“As the games have gone on their fitness levels have got better, and the performance levels have certainly got better.

“They know what we’re about, they know what’s demanded of them and they’re a good group to work with.”

The age demographic of his selection has had an impact on some of the results which the Reds have had Brown highlighted, but he conceded that he couldn’t fault the attitude on show.

He declared: “The U21’s are a young group and, sometimes we’ve had 16-year-olds playing against 25-year-olds, so physically it’s a challenge for them.

“They relish it and really enjoy it [the test of facing older opposition]. They want to have that chance and that’s where they want to perform at the moment.”

As far as team spirit is concerned, he had only good things to say, and added that it’s something which bodes well for future success.

“It’s a credit to the residential staff,” Brown insisted.

“They help to generate that feeling of one big family living under the same roof and working together.

“Because if they have a falling out on the training ground, it’s going to fester back at the house. Fortunately, we’ve not had any incidents, and I don’t foresee that happening because they are genuinely a good group.”